...even if you have absolutely no idea where to start

What if you could learn everything you needed to know about the college admissions process to help your child get into the school of their dreams?  



Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re nervous about the whole college process and don’t even know where to begin… You’ve got the first time fumbles and you feel overwhelmed. The internet has so many resources, but you’re at a complete loss for what you or your child should be doing right now or where you should start.  

You feel like you’re missing important dates and deadlines… You’re worried that you’re missing critical information or important steps in the process, which could prevent your child from getting accepted into their ideal college.  

You’re worried about the finances... You want your child to attend the best school possible without breaking the bank, but you’re worried that you won’t get enough financial aid or that you’ll fill out the forms incorrectly. You don’t know how you’re going to come up with enough money to pay for your child to go to their top college.  

You don’t know how to help your child choose the right school... You’re worried that they’ll end up at a school that’s not the right fit.  

You’re scared that your child won’t get accepted to their top school... You don’t want to be the reason that your child gets rejected from the school that they want to attend most.  

You have no idea how to prepare the actual application… There are mounds of paperwork and required documents, but you’re not sure how to help your child complete all of the forms or when to submit the actual applications.  

If you agreed with any (or all) of the statements above, you’re in the right place!  

If you’re ready to move past your fears, figure out exactly what steps you need to take to best help your child find and get accepted into the RIGHT colleges, & get a handle on all of the overwhelming deadlines, details and paperwork...then something needs to change.

Now, imagine how it would feel if...

  • You knew the right next steps to take to confidently help your child prepare for college admissions...  
  • You had a complete list of all of the important dates and deadlines to stay on top of…  
  • You understood precisely how to apply for financial aid so that you could afford to send your child to the school of their choice…  
  • You could identify the perfect list of schools for your child to apply to... 
  • You felt confident that your child would find and get accepted to their top choice of schools…  
  • You knew how to help your child prepare their actual applications... 

I’m so thrilled to let you know that you CAN live in a world where this is your simply taking "The 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course For Parents."

Talk College To Me

The 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course For Parents is one of the best training programs out there that:  

  • Takes you from start to finish. This program walks you through each part of the college admissions process so that you’ll know when and where to start (even if you have no idea where to begin), and will give you the exact steps to take each year of high school to help your child prepare, apply and get accepted to their ideal colleges  

  • Improves your child's chances. This program teaches you how to help your child become a strong candidate and stand out from the crowd. Your child could be the most brilliant student and the most wonderful person. But if you don't know how to help your child showcase their unique strengths and capabilities, colleges will not recognize them as a qualified candidate

  • Assumes nothing. This program will take you from knowing absolutely nothing about the college admissions process to feeling completely confident that you have all the tools and knowledge to help your child navigate college admissions  

  • Holds your hand through the process. This program includes tons of printable guides, worksheets, and step-by-step directions to help you and your child every step of the way  

  • Gives you a calendar of events to keep track of critical dates and deadlines that you’ll need to stay on top of throughout each year that your child is in high school so that you don’t miss any cruicial actions

  • Teaches you all of the tips, tricks and suggestions that you could only get from someone who knows the admissions process inside and out... so that your child has the best chances of getting accepted to the school of their dreams 
Talk College To Me

So what’s included inside of "The 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course For Parents"?

Talk College To Me
  • Unlimited access to all 7 days of the course, which includes 27 short videos that will walk you step-by-step through each component of the college admissions process

  • Guidelines, worksheets and printouts which will save you time, give you examples to replicate & specific guidelines to follow  

  • Resources to identify dates and deadlines so that you won't miss any critical steps

Here are the topics we'll cover inside of the course:

DAY 1: Where to begin and what to focus on right now 

  • You’ll learn specifically what college admissions officers are looking for in students 
  • You’ll learn the 3 most important components of your child's college application 
  • You’ll understand the critical dates and activities that your child needs to complete each year that they’re in high school 

DAY 2: The high school transcript & standardized tests

  • You’ll learn 5 courses your child should be taking every year of high school, whether or not AP, IB or honors courses are right for your child, and why a high GPA alone is not enough to give your child a competitive edge 
  • You’ll learn precisely when your child should start studying for and register to take the SAT or ACT, and how to know the what score to aim for 
  • You’ll also learn the ins and outs of PSATs & SAT Subject Tests, which many parents overlook 

DAY 3: Creating a cohesive application: activities & essays 

  • You’ll learn how to help your child create incrediby strong applications through extracurricular activities and essays
  • You’ll learn how your child can stand out by participating in certain activities that they are already passionate about, and the mistake that most parents make when it comes to these activites
  • I'll give you step by step instrunctions on how to help your child choose great essay topics and write amazing essays all while saving time and avoiding errors 

DAY 4: Additional parts of the application

  • You’ll learn how to help your chid receive academic honors and awards to include on their applications
  • You’ll learn how a resume can serve as a secret advantage, and I'll give you the tools and templates that your child can use to create a beautifully formatted and well-written resume
  • You’ll learn the types of questions that your child will be asked in college interviews, and how your child can come to the interview fully prepared 

DAY 5: Choosing the right colleges to apply to

  • You’ll learn my secret 5 step process to help your child figure out which specific schools they should apply to
  • You’ll learn how many schools your child should apply to, and the 3 different types of schools that should definitely be included on their list
  • You’ll learn what questions to ask on college visits and the specific activities you should participate in while you’re on campus to make the most of your visit  

DAY 6: Submitting the application

  • You’ll learn the pros and cons of applying early decision, early action, rolling admission or regular admissions...and which application deadlines will be best for your child
  • You’ll learn the steps you can take to improve your chances of getting accepted to a college if your child has been deferred or waitlisted  

DAY 7: Paying for college

  • You’ll learn about the 3 different types of financial aid, the financial aid deadlines you need to be aware of, and how to estimate the amount of financial aid that your child is eligible to receive
  • You’ll also learn my secret tips to finding and winning scholarship money that many parents and students are not even aware of...these opportunities exist even if your child is not a straight A student or an incredible athlete 

“I was nervous that I wouldn’t know how to help my daughter through the college process. She is an average student, average athlete, and not super active...but we wanted her to have as good of a shot at getting into college as the straight A, student council president, jock students.

Since finishing the course, I now feel much more confident that I can help my daughter, and I am better equipped to help her navigate the whole process. The course covers everything: what to do during each year of high school, applications, testing, college visits, scholarships and financial aid. I learned of things she can do over the summer to help boost her activity list, and helpful information on writing her essays. I would recommend this course to any parent to help them stay organized and focused, and learn how to help their child with the college process. Thank you, Marisa!" 

- Rachel Olmsted Falls, Ohio (daughter in 10th grade)

“Prior to taking Marisa’s 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course for parents, I was worried about missing deadlines and scholarship opportunities, and nervous because I had no idea how to help my son complete his college applications. After finishing the course, I sat down with my Sophomore son. Together, we drew up an action plan, with time frames. We talked about how he could incorporate his extracurricular activities into his essays, and how to take each to the next level. 

The course covers everything you need to know and more, delivered in daily lessons. It’s all right there for you, including useful files, links and notes. I now feel extremely confident that I have all the tools and knowledge we need to navigate the college admissions process and help our son get into the college of his dreams. ”  

- Marie Fort Worth, TX (son in 10th grade)

“I didn’t even know where to start the college admissions process. I wasn’t sure what steps to take while my son was in high school, when he should study for the SAT or ACT or how to manage the whole process.

After taking this course, I now feel much more confident, and I know the exact plan I need to follow to help my child through the college process. I have already talked to my son about extracurricular activities that he can get involved in, and which courses he should register for throughout his remaining time in high school. And my son has even created a resume by following an example in the course (which he has has already used to apply for a summer internship). This is an incredibly helpful course for parents who are nervous about the whole application process." 

- Tatyana Brooklyn, NY (son in 9th grade)

“I was both fearful and excited about the college admissions process, but I was particularly nervous about helping my daughter pick a college and about figuring out the finances. But after taking The 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course For Parents, I do not feel as overwhelmed. I now know what to expect, I have an organized timeline for the tasks to be done, and I have a much clearer picture of the financial process. I now understand the terminology that will be utilized on the applications, and can better guide my daughter through the process. After finishing the course, I sat down with my daughter, and we began to schedule additional college tours to narrow down our search.”  

-Amy Manalapan, NJ (daughter in 11th grade)

“I now have a much better understanding of how the process works and what I can do to help my daughter to stand out in her applications. I learned which classes my daughter should be taking in high school, when she should take the SAT for the first time, when to ask for teacher recommendations, and the overall steps for how to apply to college. After finishing the course, I talked with my daughter about what I was learning and ways to improve. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone!" 

-Elissa, Marlboro, NJ (daughter in 10th grade & son in 6th grade)

Who is the mastermind behind this program?

Hi! I’m Marisa Meddin, the founder of Talk College To Me.

My greatest passion is helping individuals reach their highest potential in order to live a more fulfilled life. 

I believe that attending the right college sets your child up for success...which is why I’m here to help YOU help YOUR child successfully navigate the college admissions process.  

A little more of my story…  

I attended The University of Michigan (Go Blue!) where I graduated with a business degree from The Ross School of Business and a minor in environmental science. After graduation, I moved to New York City where I landed my dream marketing job at PepsiCo.  

For six years, I lived in both New York City and Los Angeles working on marketing campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world. I had the pleasure of working closely with celebrities like Sofia Vergara from Modern Family and the famous rock band Bastille.  

Talk College To Me Marisa
Talk College To Me Marisa

Throughout my career, I also volunteered with nonprofits, helping high school families navigate the college application process and talking with students about future career opportunities.  

And although my job at PepsiCo was incredibly fun, I came to realize that I was most fulfilled during my time volunteering with students and families….and that I had an incredible knowledge about the college admissions process that others did not have.  

I realized that helping families navigate the college admissions process brought me immense joy. I realized that this was my true calling.  

So...I quit my corporate job to start Talk College To Me. I’m so thrilled to help amazing parents like you navigate the college admissions process each and every day so that you have the tools to help your child reach their highest potential in life.  

Talk College To Me

Who is The 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course for?

  • Parents who want THE very best for their child This course is for you if you would do anything for your child. You want to help your child thrive in high school and in college so that they become happy and successful adults...and you want to help them identify the colleges that will be the perfect fit.  
  • Parents who will dedicate the time to get what’s best for their child You know that getting the best results for your child takes effort. And you’re willing to work for it.  
  • Parents of Freshmen This program will give you an incredible roadmap for each and every year that your child is in high school. You will know exactly what action items you’ll need to stay on top of throughout all four years, and will be able to help your child become the best possible applicant by encouraging them to take part in all of the appropriate activities from the get-go. It’s never too early to learn about this process!  
  • Parents of Sophomores This is a prime time to start the program! Your child’s Freshman year was all about helping them get acclimated to high school. But Sophomore year is where the college preparation really begins. This is a great year to learn all of those dates and deadlines that will quickly approach in the coming months and years. By taking this course, you’ll feel completely prepared to help your child through the college admissions process. You’ll know exactly where to start and each step you’ll need to take to help your child get into the school of their dreams.  
  • Parents of Juniors Junior year is the most crucial year of college preparation. If you currently have a child in their junior year of high school, this course will help you jump right in and quickly catch up on all of the activities and deadlines that your child should be participating in and completing. This course will help you to help your child become the strongest possible applicant, and become completely prepared to find and apply to the perfect list of colleges.  
  • Parents of Seniors A large portion of this course is dedicated to the knowledge of the activities, dates and deadlines that students should have completed in their Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years of high school. That being said, this course will still provide great value if your child is preparing their applications right now. You will find great value in the lessons regarding application deadlines, the number of schools to apply to, how to write killer essays, how to create a cohesive application, and so much more. This program will help you to help your child craft the strongest possible application to ensure the best chances of getting into their dream schools.  

Who is The 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course NOT for?

  • Parents who aren’t going to put in the work I guarantee that this course will be incredibly informative. In just 7 days, you are going to learn more about the college admission process than you ever thought possible. You’re going to feel prepared. have to take what you learn and put it into action. As the saying goes, “A strategy, even a great one, doesn’t implement itself.” I am going to give you the tools and the strategy...but this course is for parents who are willing to implement what they learn in order to help their children succeed in every way possible.  
  • Parents who don’t want the best for their child If you don’t want to help your child become the best version of themselves or you don’t want to set your child up for success in the world... then this course isn’t for you.  

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Our Guarantee / Refund Policy

The 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course For Parents combines all of the knowledge that you need to know into an easy-to-understand, step-by-step program. I’m confident that you will absolutely love this course.  

But if, for any reason, you don’t love this course, simply send us an email within 60 days letting us know why it wasn't right for you...and we'll gladly give you a full refund! That’s a whole lot of days to take this course, try it out, and begin helping your child succeed on their college admissions journey :) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees? 

Of course! If, for any reason, you don’t love the program, I will gladly give you a full refund within 60 days of purchasing the course. I’m confident that you’re going to find this course incredibly informative!  

How long do I have access to this course?

As long as it exists! Once you register for The 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course For Parents, you’ll have access to the course for its entire lifetime. Our participants love that they can log back into the course at any time throughout each year that their child is in high school in order to get a refresher on relevant topics.  

What format is the course content delivered in? 

Great question! The course materials are shared as easy to watch video lessons so that you can sit back and take in all of the information (gone are the days of reading hundreds of pages in a complicated book). The course also includes downloadable guidelines, worksheets and timelines to keep on hand and refer back to.

  Could I just find this information for free online? 

Of course! Nowadays, you can find almost anything online for free. However, as Jonathan Taplin so wisely said, “The information revolution now gives us access to too much information. Our problem is that we’re overwhelmed, so in some sense we just don’t even know where to turn.”

When it comes to college admissions, the internet has too much information...and that information is often both conflicting and overwhelming. And sometimes that information is simply wrong. In The 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course, I have taken all of the information that you need to know, and created a method to teach you in precise, manageable, step-by-step lessons.  

I’m incredibly busy...I don’t have time to take a course.

The truth is, you don’t have time NOT to take this course. 

Time is your most valuable currency. To source high-quality, trusted information in a step-by-stem system would take you months or even years to research and learn on your own. Trust me, because I already did it for you. I spent an entire year putting this course together. In the long run, this course will save you hours upon hours of time.

This course would be a big investment for me. Is it really worth the price? 

Let me put this into perspective for you. According to CNBC, on average, a complete package for a private college consultant (from initial consultation in junior year to submitting the application senior year) will cost $4,035. Some families spend upwards of $10,000 for a private college consultant. The 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course For Parents has all of the tools and strategies to help your child get admitted to the school of their dreams...and it’s available today at a specially discounted price of $497. The choice is yours!  

At this point, you have two choices…  

You could do nothing, and stay exactly where you are. You can continue to feel at a total loss for what your child should be doing right now. You can continue to feel like you’re missing critical information or important deadlines. You can continue to worry that you’re missing important details that could prevent your child from getting accepted to their ideal college.  

- OR -

You could feel completely informed. You could accept the fact that the the free information online is overwhelming, and you can forgive yourself for feeling like you don’t even know where to begin (I forgive you!).

You could know exactly where to begin and what to do to help your child find, get accepted to, and pay for the school of their dreams...without going into debt. You could have an exact list of all of the important dates and deadlines to stay on top of. You can feel like you are doing everything right to help your child succeed in life.  

If you’ve made it this far, I know you are the type of parent who wants the best for their child. And I know that you are the type of parent who is willing to do everything in their power to make that happen. If you’ve made it this far, I know that The 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course For Parents if for you.  

So what are you waiting for? 

Sign up now for instant access! 

Pay $297 in full and SAVE $51

Enroll Now - Monthly Payment Plan

4 monthly payments of $87

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